It’s a fact of life that our teeth can naturally darken in colour as we age. Tea, coffee, wine, and smoking can also cause discolouration. If your smile could do with brightening up, then our Zoom in-chair tooth whitening service can help.

Zoom professional tooth whitening is proven to brighten teeth by up to eight shades, leaving you with a whiter and more attractive smile. Unlike many other forms of tooth whitening, Zoom won’t damage your teeth or gums.

In order to maintain your bright smile, we will also take dental impressions and create custom made whitening trays for you that are tailored to your mouth. The trays are provided with a home whitening kit and are included in the cost of this service. Your dentists will ensure that the home whitening kit we provide is the correct strength for your teeth.


  • Costs just £400
  • Includes custom made trays and home whitening kit to maintain your brighter smile
  • Whitening treatment takes less that one hour
  • Won’t damage your teeth or gums
  • A whiter and more attractive smile
  • Brighten your teeth by up to 8 shades
  • Before and after photographs are provided for your comparison


  • May cause increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods for 1-3 days following treatment.
  • Whitening does not effect bridges, crowns, implants, veneers, or dentures.

If you think that your smile could benefit from professional tooth whitening, please contact us to book a consultation. We normally also recommend you attend a hygiene appointment for ultrasonic scaling, and airflow polishing before Zoom whitening is carried out. Custom whitening trays are manufactured on-site at Maple Leaf Dental in Harrogate, they take two to three days to manufacture. We will make any required final adjustments to your trays when you come in to collect them, this ensures a comfortable fit and effective whitening. Replacement trays are available from £50.


Most people are suitable for Zoom tooth whitening, however, if you suffer with periodontal disease and have very sensitive teeth then tooth whitening may not be advisable. We assess each patient to determine suitability at the initial whitening consultation.

How Zoom Whitening Works

Zoom tooth whitening gel contains photo-activators that react to halogen light. Upon activation an oxidation reaction occurs, this dissolves staining within the tooth enamel, leaving your teeth brighter and cleaner. Zoom whitening gel varies in strength, your dentist will determine the appropriate concentration for your teeth.

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