All On 4 is an innovative implant technique that allows edentulous patients to have full arch prosthetic restorations fitted in a single day. For this reason the technique is also commonly referred to as “teeth in a day”.

Traditional dentures are prone to slipping and can cause problems with chewing and pronunciation. In contrast, All on 4 fixed prosthetics look and feel like normal teeth, they are permanently fixed in place. Unlike removable dentures there is no palatal coverage with the upper denture, this makes All On 4 a much more comfortable option.

Due to pioneering advances in restorative implant dentistry, it is now possible to provide stable and retentive support for prosthetic teeth using just four implants per arch. Before the conception of the All On 4 technique, the equivalent procedure would have required at least six implants.

Since All On 4 reduces the number of implants required per denture, it provides patients with a far more cost effective option than traditional procedures requiring six or more implants per arch. Additionally, the implant surgery is far less complicated.

All On 4 utilises specially designed posterior implants that maximize the amount of retention and support provided, even in patients who have lower bone volume due to resorption. Bone grafting is therefore seldom required and All On 4 can often been use to treat patients who have previously been told they are not suitable for implants.

Benefits of All On 4

  • A temporary prosthesis can be fitted on the same day
  • Less complicated procedure than traditional implant supported prosthesis
  • Bone grafting not required
  • Can be used to treat patients with low bone volume
  • Costs less than traditional full arch implants

All On 4 Implant Procedure

At the initial consultation your dentist will evaluate your suitability for All On 4, discuss the variety of options available to you such as ceramic or acrylic prosthetics, and take dental impressions. We may also need to arrange further appointments to carry out diagnostics such as CT bone density scans, and X-rays.

The Implant procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic at our surgery in Harrogate, and normally takes a couple of hours. The implants we use are exclusively manufactured by Noble Biocare, they are of the very highest quality and specifically designed for the All On 4 process. Once the implants are in place, the abutments will be fitted. Abutments are a small component that allow the implants to be attached to the prosthesis. We will then fit temporary teeth and adjust them to attain a comfortable fit and accurate bite match. The temporary acrylic teeth have great aesthetics. Your permanent teeth will be fitted three to six months later, once bone growth has occurred and fused the implants in place. Permanent teeth are fitted on a custom made titanium framework, and are built of acrylic and composite. Most patients experience only minimal discomfort as a result of the procedure. Although some minor swelling and soreness is to be expected, many patients are able to return to work the day after receiving All On 4 treatment.

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